Download 16

SnapPlus 16.3 is available for download and installation onto Windows Vista through 10.

Previous versions used Web installers for a smaller download; starting with version 16.0, we are simplifying to a single installer that, once downloaded, can run without an Internet connection.

Download SnapPlusV2 16.3.16306.1328

Updated 14:23 on Nov. 1, 2016

See the SnapPlus 16 Release Notes for details on what is new and updated in this version.

Known Issues

Important Note for 16.2, 16.1, and 16.0 Users

16.3: The new crops and tillages in RUSLE2 for 2016 were omitted; 16.3 provides them.

16.2: We noticed after the release of SnapPlus 16 that a certain sequence of uploading to SnapMaps, downloading, and restarting SnapPlus could lose some of the users’ SnapMap Features (e.g., wells). 16.2 fixes that problem, and is a recommended download for all SnapPlus users.

16.1: Out-of-date soils, crop, and tillage lookup data inadvertently included in 16.0. All users should upgrade to 16.2. If you upgraded from 16.0 Beta to 16.0 Release, it is possible that some of those data for your fields may have been lost. Please contact us at for assistance in recovery.

Computer Requirements

SnapPlus requires Microsoft Windows; Windows Vista is the earliest supported version. Note that this is the last version to support Windows Vista.  See Minimum System Requirements for details.

How to Install

SnapPlus uses a standard Windows installer and will install .NET 4.6, the Microsoft SQL Server CLR Types (not the entire SQL Server product) and Microsoft ReportViewer if needed. This requires Windows admin privileges. A typical install should take just a few minutes. See our quick guide to installing for more details on installing SnapPlus.

Windows Installer Upgrade for Windows Vista and XP

If the SnapPlus installer won’t run on Windows Vista or XP, you may need to upgrade the Windows Installer part of the operating system. The download for that upgrade is:

Windows Installer 4.5 Upgrade for Vista and XP

Advanced Install

If you would prefer to manage your own prerequisites, you can download components as MSI files and install them separately.

Microsoft System CLR Types for SQL Server 2014 (64 bit)
Microsoft System CLR Types for SQL Server 2014 (32 bit)
Microsoft Report Viewer 2015

New Release Email Announcements

If you would like to be notified of SnapPlus new releases by email, send email to This will subscribe you to the email list. Note that this list is ONLY used for SnapPlus announcements and is NOT a discussion email list.